The Terapeutic Process

Dr Chelucci employs an integrated approach rooted in her multiple trainings in systemic relational psychotherapy, Schema Therapy, EMDR and in the treatment of trauma and dissociative disorders.
Integrating different types of techniques and interventions, the therapeutic process is highly individualised to meet each client’s individual needs.

This approach has revealed itself to be particularly useful with:

- Long standing relational difficulties
- Addictions
- Eating disorders
- Anxiety and panic disorder
- Personality disorders

but it is also valid especially in the treatment of the symptoms of traumatic dissociation:

- Self harm
- Chronic shame
- Somatic complaints
- Chronic depression
- Depersonalisation
- Auditory allucinations
- Time loss

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapeutic treatment discovered in 1989 by american psychologist Francine Shapiro.
EMDR is used to process traumatic memories and over the years it has been the subject of many research studies. Today is considered to be an evidence-based treatment for PTSD and it is validated by more research publications than any other form of therapeutic treatment in the field of trauma.

EMDR treatment is approved by the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, and the World Health Organization. Treatment with EMDR is brief, valid and can be used with people of any age, including children.

As a treatment of choice for the effects of trauma, EMDR ha now been adapted to be integrated in therapeutic interventions aimed at a wide range of disorders.
EMDR is proved to be valid not only for the processing of past trauma but also for increasing individual resources and self esteem therefore allowing the survivor to fully live their life after trauma.

Mutual Self Help

The experience of hearing voices can be not only scaring and alienating in itself, but often it is associated with a serious psichological suffering and significant difficulties in facing issues related to everyday life.

The group aims to create a meeting point where adult voice hearers can feel free to share their experiences.

The group focus is on sharing and listening while working through a program based on the work of Ron Coleman Working with voices and Cristina Contini Sentire le voci.

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Chelucci has been working for years as a forensic consultant (CTP) lending his expertise in civil and criminal cases. She is registered as a CTU (Technical Consultant) at the board of the Court of Livorno.

In cases of conflicting separations, the judge may request a Technical Consultancy, appointing an expert psychologist to ensure a new family organization that takes into account the real needs of children and the assessment of parenting skills. In such cases it is appropriate for the parties involved to employ a private tecnical consultant.

Psychological damage, unlike physical injury, does not have an evident external manifestation. It consists of an alteration of mental functions such as emotions, defensive mechanisms, mood and impulses. This change is reflected negatively on the person’s quality of life and is expressed in a significant deterioration in several areas such as work, family and social relations. It results in significant and impairing changes in the person’s lifestyle.

The welfare of children should be promoted without discrimination. According to the Convention of the Council of Europe, signed in Lanzarote, the magistrate must make use of an expert psychologist every time a child must be heard. The expert psychologist ensures that the needs of the child are respected whether the child is a victim, an offender or a witness.

In cases of alleged abuse and / or ill-treatment a professional assessment by an expert psychologist is essential in order to verify the child’s capacity to testify. An appropriate conduction of the interview, designed to avoid leading questions and to take into account the child’s stage of development, is necessary for providing scientific proof.

In criminal cases, a forensic psychologist may be called upon to make a psychological assessment of the offender in order to provide a picture of his/her personality, with particular reference to those traits related to the offense committed.

Sessions on Skype

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