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    Overcoming trauma
    Psychotherapy of Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
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    Dr. Alessandra Chelucci
    Focus on resources
    Psychotherapy of Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
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    Emotional self-regulation
    Psychotherapy of Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
  • Dr. Alessandra Chelucci
    Freedom from the past
    Psychotherapy of Trauma and Dissociative Disorders

Dr. Chelucci works supporting the client along a process aimed at overcoming inner obstacles to individual well-being and at recognising one’s own resources.


Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy has been developed by the US psychotherapist Jeffrey Young. As a therapeutic approach, Schema Therapy stems from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy but it develops as an integrated model by making intensive use of experiential and emotion focused interventions. Great interest is placed on childhood issues and the understanding of the origin of problematic behaviour patterns.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapeutic treatment discovered in 1989 by american psychologist Francine Shapiro. EMDR is used to process traumatic memories and over the years it has been the subject of many research studies. Today is considered to be an evidence-based treatment for PTSD and it is validated by more research publications than any other form of therapeutic treatment in the field of trauma.

Trauma and Dissociation

“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and feels the screams healing can begin”. (Danielle Bernock)

When thinking of trauma, we think of events that are outside normal human experience. I’m referring to experiences universally recognised as traumatic, such as war, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, rapes or any other violent form of aggression. These ‘abnormal’ events may, as it is widely accepted, cause a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But trauma is not only about those traumatic events with a ‘big T’.

Therapeutic Interventions

All psychological and therapeutic interventions are also delivered in english language.

Therapeutic Process

An integrated approach to meet each client’s individual needs.


The treatment of choice to recover from the effects of trauma: brief, valid and applicable to clients of any age group including children.

Mutual Self Help Group for Voice Hearers

A meeting, listening and sharing space for adults who live the experience of hearing voices.

Forensic Psychology

Technical consultation. It represents a meeting point between law and psychology.

Dr. Alessandra Chelucci

Dr. Alessandra Chelucci offers highly specialised psychological interventions and psychotherapy aimed at individuals, couples, families and groups.

Dr. Alessandra Chelucci is a qualified psychologist, family mediator, systemic family and couples psychotherapist and schema therapist.

Dr. Chelucci has also undergone specialised training in working with trauma and dissociative disorders as well as in the use of EMDR.

Her systemic approach to intervention is integrated with her training in both Schema Therapy and in the treatment of simple and complex trauma. Her work is focused on the treatment of trauma related disorders (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, complex PTSD, dissociative disorders, auditory allucinations).

Dr. Chelucci has also trained in Forensic Psychopathology and in Psychodiagnostics. Her work in the field of Forensic Psychology is focused on the assessment of psychological damage as a consequence of psychological trauma.

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